Statue records: People choose piety over politics

Statue records show people choose piety over politics

In the town of   Swiebodzin in Poland construction has been finalized on the world’s laregst Jesus statue (picture below).   It is 33 meters high (108 feet) which each meter symbolizes one year of Christ’s life.     This Christ statue is higher than the previous famous one in Rio de Janeiro called Christ the Reedemer which stands at 125 feet tall.  It is not the highest statue nor the highest religious statute.  The highest in the wolrd is the Spring Temple Buddha in Lushan China which stands at 128 metters (420 feet).  Buddha also makes the second highest (116 meters in Myanmar) and third (110 meters in Japan) highest statues standing.   These monument records may help show that mankind still looks up to spiritual leaders for inspiration rather than political ones which seem to be created in much shorter heights.

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