China White House visit skips human rights

China Expert Dismayed by Hu Jintao Visit
By Population Research Institute,

According to internationally recognized China expert Steven W. Mosher, Chinese president Hu Jintao’s official visit to Washington is cause for concern, not celebration. Mosher, who was the first American social scientist allowed into China in 1979, points to China’s abominable human rights record, repressive government regime and unfair economic policies as reasons for outrage at the current state visit.

“As Hu Jintao is feted by President Obama, China continues to persecute Christians, lock up dissidents, and brutally enforce the one-child policy,” says Mosher. “I was recently in China, gathering evidence of human rights abuses in China’s infamous population control program.” Mosher also points to Beijing’s “labyrinthine system of trade barriers and their artificially undervalued currency” which have “rigged the ‘free trade’ game in their favor.”

“We do nothing,” he continues, “as Beijing pursues an industrial policy that focuses on developing so-called ‘pillar’ industries and uses export subsidies and other unfair tactics to give them a competitive advantage in world markets.”

“A rich China,” Mosher concludes, “is not turning out to be a free one. China remains bound to a uniquely totalitarian view of the state. Hu and his colleagues remain determined not only to remain in power indefinitely, but to have the People’s Republic of China replace the U.S. as the reigning hegemon.”

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