Media destroying Ted Williams, homeless ministries. Ted enters rehab.

Media destroying Ted Williams, homeless ministries. Ted enters rehab.
Oregon Faith Report Guest Submission,

The media sensation story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with a golden voice who found instant stardom, is now heading to rehab following an altercation with a family member and upon advice of Dr. Phil. Ted Williams went from homeless roadside sign waver to fame with dozens of pricey job offers in stunning speed. There was worry early on that things were moving too fast. On the Today Show Matt Lauer voiced his concern that this sudden fame might harm him. Now with Ted going into rehab we know the media light has hurt Ted and it may hurt the homeless ministries trying to help other Ted’s as well.

The problem is that the media rushed the fairy tale story too quickly. Ted Williams said everyone was comparing himself to Susan Boyle – but there is a big difference between Susan Boyle and Ted Williams and the media should have been more careful. Ted Williams had no human support base. Where was the original journalist who discovered Williams? He might have been a good mentor (and could now be) if not for the avalanche of media attention.

During interviews, Williams often mentioned and thanked God. Psychiatrist and news commentator Dr. Keith Ablow said, “Ted Williams never lost sight of the fact that God had a plan for him. God gave him a gift. His voice moved people, and Williams knew that that was true and knew that such a fact defied any scientific explanation. He must have known, with every word he spoke, even when some of those words were lies and manipulations, that God had not forsaken him.” On his way to rehab he said “I want you to know your prayers are being answered as well as my own.” Now we and the media both need to give Williams time to let him heal and grow with the rehab center and any other ministry that may be helping him.

This story should be a lesson for everyone on how important your local homeless ministries are. In Oregon we have the great work by the Portland Rescue Mission which deals one on one with homeless families. The counseling and growth process they offer to those hurting homeless is very difficult and takes a long time. This is why these organizations need our support because media-hyped instant fairy tale rags to riches stories are an unhealthy way to help those future homeless families.

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