MTV Skins: 51% audience drop, 6 lost sponsors

MTV Skins Sex doesn’t sell after all MTV Skins sinks
By Beaver State Believer
Oregon writer,

MTV new highly controversial show Skins is reeling in bad news.   The new show, Skins, has been under fire for underage sexuality and drug exploitation.   The latest week viewer ratings show that Skins’ second episode sank 51% in viewership ratings. Several advertisers have already pulled out of the show.  Most notable of the advertising sponsors have been  L’Oreal, Wrigley, Taco Bell, Foot Locker,  Schick and Subway.

The rampant pull-out of sponsors resulted in MTV showing station promos. Oddly, the one organization that has stepped forward to be a sponsor for Skins has been PETA –the Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.  There is even talk of the show being cancelled. This means Skins is in trouble.

Maybe, sex as a viewer gimmick doesn’t sell after all.

A sample of the dialogue from the show:

Stanley: “It’s totally normal for a kid of 16 not to have had sex.”

Tony: “It’s embarrassing, Stan. So we go to a party and get some girl racopiously spliffed up, in a confused state, and she comes to believe, however momentarily of course, that you’re attractive, and she bangs your brains out.”

Stanley: “Michelle said tonight at the party…”

Katie: “You’re going to dope me into outer space and then bang my brains out…Later we’ll get bumping.”

Stanley: “At the party.”

Katie: “At the party with a pile of drugs.”

Stanley: “You got it.”

Katie: “Oh, and Stanley, I only like really great narcotics, you understand?”

The Parents Television Council noted: “It appears that MTV is deliberately trying to establish a new standard for what is considered acceptable for kids…and they are trying to convince advertisers that they should sponsor this sick show, because kids are watching. MTV’s own press release today touted the number of viewers who were as young as 12 years old who watched last night’s show.”

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