Ted Turner promotes world one-child policy

Ted Turner Proposes One-Child Policy, China Expert Responds with Facts
Population Research Institute,

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Dec. 6, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ — Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, called on world leaders Sunday to address the global warming crisis by drastically reducing the number of people on the planet.  Maintaining that the very future of humanity was at stake, Turner urged immediate action: “If we’re going to be here [as a species] 5,000 years from now, we’re not going to do it with seven billion people,” said Turner, who went on to propose the immediate adoption of a global one- child policy.

Turner makes it clear that he is not proposing that an unplanned pregnancy be viewed as a criminal act, and women who violate his one-child policy should not be forced to have abortions and sterilizations. In fact, he flatly denies that such things happen in China at all, instead claiming that the Beijing regime has enforced the policy “without, as far as I can see, Draconian steps.”

According to Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and internationally recognized China expert, this notion is absurd.

“In his panic about global warming, Turner apparently hasn’t looked very far,” says Mosher, “for Draconian is precisely what China’s forced-pace population control is. I know. I have spent three decades studying it.”

“The Chinese population control police don’t merely ‘encourage people to have one child,’ as Turner says,” Mosher continues. “They arrest women for the crime of being pregnant with an illegal child, they subject them to detention without trial, and they forcibly abort them if they don’t “voluntarily consent” to an abortion.”

Mosher goes on to assert that a so-called “voluntary” population control program simply doesn’t exist. “They are entirely ‘voluntary’ until someone refuses to submit to the knife,” Mosher continues. “At which time the pretence of ‘voluntarism’ is abandoned, threats start being made, and forced sterilizations follow.”

“CNN has reported such stories before,” Mosher concludes. “But apparently Ted Turner doesn’t even watch the news network that he founded. Or any other, for that matter.”

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