Fake cancer story cheats church, friends

Fake Cancer Stories Fake Cancer story lands St. Helens woman in jail
By Oregon Christian Post:

A St. Helens woman who lied about having terminal cancer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for perjury and 20 days for theft. Janette Arnold, a single mother of two has lost custody of her teenage son and will face three years of probation. Arnold received almost $2000 in donations after fabricating a story of having terminal cancer. Arnold even participated in a Relay for Life event, which benefits the American Cancer Society.

Her story of having terminal cancer began to fall apart in December and authorities subpoenaed her medical and bank records. A detective investigated her story and determined it was false. Arnold was arrested on January 12. She has already served 30 days in jail and opted to perform 40 days on a county work crew rather than the additional 20 days in jail.

Arnold is expected to return the $1,836 that she received in donations from her victims, which include members of a Relay for Life team, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the St. Helens Senior Center. Arnold also cannot make contact with her victims nor her 17-year-old son, unless approved by her probation officer.

In December of last year, an Oregon woman scammed a Colorado based charity out of nearly $10,000, saying she had cancer. The charity gave her money to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms between Portland and Denver, where she was supposedly receiving medical care.

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