Easter Eggs renamed Spring Spheres

Seattle school renames Easter Eggs as “Spring Spheres”
By Oregon Christian Post,

A Seattle area public school has changed the name of Easter Eggs to something more politically correct: “Spring Spheres”. Jessica, a sophomore at Seattle high school thinks an effort to rename Easter Eggs as ridiculous.

Jessica, who attends a private Seattle high school volunteered with a third grade class on a week long community service project. At the end of the week, she asked if it was acceptable to fill plastic eggs with jelly beans and treats and bring them into school as a sort of celebration at the end of the project. She wanted to check with the teacher for approval before bringing them. The teacher of the third grade class asked administration and explained that she could bring them in as long as they were called “Spring Spheres.”

Jessica, 16, agreed to call them Spring Spheres and brought them to school. The third graders, however, couldn’t be tricked, they knew they were Easter Eggs and called them such when they were presented to the students. Some of the kids said, “Wow, Easter eggs” when they were taken out of the bag.

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