Is Google biased against God?

Is Google Biased against God?
— Religious Groups Fight Back
By Oregon Christian Post,

A quick, simple search with the word, “God” on the popular Google website, gave me many suggestions (in the suggestion bar); however none of them refer to the creator of life as you would expect.

Instead, the first suggestion is, a website that allows you to purchase domain names online. Next, it refers you to “God of War,” a popular video game. Finally, how could you leave out Godiva, an essential for chocolate enthusiasts.

Google Instant Feature works by finding the most popular search terms and populating your search box with the suggestion. If you are doing a search for the term God, you will be disappointed as it will likely not automatically show up. The only way to really search for “God” with this new feature is to hit the search button.

In a world of technology, this raises the question — do search engines provide too much information? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of information provided when using a search engine. To help offset that, many religious organizations are using a different type of site, specifically designed to provide information consistent with their religion. SeekFind, a Christian based search engine only returns results that are consistent with the Bible. In addition to SeekFind, there is also Jewogle for Jews and I’mHalal, a Muslim search engine.

While designed to use search engines that meet religious standards, the new search engines are not only reserved for religion based web surfing. A search of the term “politcs” at the I’mHalal site suggested links to CNN, Fox,, and to name a few. However, a search for “gay marriage” would turn up results arguing against gay marriage. Users of these new websites believe this is a better way to safely use the internet and avoid explicit content. This year, I’mHalal alone has proven to be successful generating 10 million users a month. One thing is sure, with that type of response, new religious search engines have created more than a ‘niche’ in today’s social networking market.

Postscript: Since this article was written a few weeks ago, I noticed that a “god” search search revealed new suggestions such as “Godzilla” now ranks above God.

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