$10,000 bet challenge to May 21-2011 Judgment Day prophet

$10,000 bet challenge to Saturday May 21-2011 Judgment Day  prophet (Harold Camping Family Radio).
By Marty Angelo

HOLLYWOOD, — Prison minister Marty Angelo stepped away from his usual ministerial duties of reaching out to prisoners, substance abusers and troubled celebrities today to issue a challenge to Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping who is predicting the end of the world is coming Saturday May 21.Angelo is challenging Camping to put his money where his mouth is. He is offering to bet Camping Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) that Saturday is not the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ.

“What does he have to lose?” Angelo remarked in a recent radio interview. “If what Camping is teaching is true then he will not be here to pay up. However, if Christ does not return and the end of the world does not come on Saturday then I win and he should pay me for spreading his false prophecy.”

Angelo says he is sick and tired of end-time doomsday prophets not being held accountable for their false predictions. “This has been going on way too long.” Angelo continues. “This teaching goes back generations upon generations up to and including the Hal Lindseys, John Hagees and Harold Campings of the world. They make statements and quote dates but when those dates pass they do not even admit they were wrong… yet alone apologizing for scaring people half to death.”

Angelo expects May 21st to come and go with business as usual. When asked why he does not think Jesus is coming back on Saturday, Angelo remarked, “Because Jesus Christ already lives in my heart and He cannot get any closer than that. There is no need to look to the sky and try to figure out God with our minds. The Bible clearly teaches in 2 Corinthians 13:5 that Jesus Christ lives in each believer’s heart right now!”

The mission of Marty Angelo Ministries is proclaiming and teaching the gospel of the kingdom of God to prisoners, substance abuse recovery program clients, and troubled celebrities. The ministry utilizes life-changing books, evangelistic outreaches, and follow-up resources. Angelo is the author of the book, “Once Life Matters: A New Beginning” and his soon to be released fulfilled eschatology book, “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!”

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