Oregon Jesuit becomes chaplain to the U.S. House

Oregon Jesuit becomes chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives
By Oregon Christian Post,

Father Patrick Conroy, 60, if confirmed is the new chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Father Conroy will be the first Jesuit, and the second Catholic chaplain to serve in this position.  Father Conroy is a Jesuit priest from the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, which recently agreed to a $166.1 billion settlement, involving sexual or physical abuse.

Father Conroy told the Oregonian in a recent article, “I will be the chaplain for all the House staffers, for the Capitol police and security guards, kitchen workers and people in the mailroom employees. But I won’t be their pastor.” Father Conroy continues to say, “In such a highly charged environment, where people are given great power and great responsibility that goes with it, an environment that is highly competitive and combative, it’s good to have a person who’s not in that dogfight, who won’t talk about what you say”.

Father Conroy entered the Jesuits in 1973 and was ordained in 1983. Father Conroy has been at Jesuit High since 2004, teaching theology and as the assistant coach of the junior varsity softball team.  He also serves on Jesuit’s board of trustees, chaplain to athletic teams and director of freshman retreats.


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