Governor signs bill ending faith defense

Governor signs bill ending faith defense
Oregon Faith News Note:

This month Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed HB 2721 which removes legal protection for parents and guardians who refuse medical treatment for their children base don religious beliefs. The law stems from the Oregon City church called Followers of Christ Church where several children have died from the practice of faith healing practicing parents.

As the bill was going through the legislative process there was a case in the Oregon courts involving a daughter who was suffering from an eye problem where her parents denied treatment. The parents in this case were also Followers of Christ Church.

A proponent of the bill, Rita Swan of Children’s Healthcare, told The Oregonian “This is as far as the state can go, It’s not a perfect solution. Prosecution is our last resort. This bill will help (influence) the fence sitters.” The bill becomes law immediately

— You can read the HB2721 bill here.
— You can read The Oregonian interview here

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