OSU: 25th annual Holocaust Memorial Week

OSU’s Holocaust Program Remembers the Past

Last month, Oregon State University in Corvallis promoted the 25th annual observance of Holocaust Memorial Week, with speakers and events for the university and surrounding community. The university, in conjunction with the City of Corvallis and the School District are promoting the belief that educational institutions can combat prejudice of all kinds. The program, supervised by the Holocaust Memorial Committee, aims to foster respect for diversity in America.

One featured speaker of the Holocaust Memorial Week included Jacques Kornberg, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, who has lectured on the Holocaust, Zionism and anti-Semitism and is writing a book “Why Pope Pius XII did not Save the Jews.”

The community of OSU campus community, Corvallis and its vicinity feels it is particularly important to teach young people about the Holocaust, so coming generations will not forget the lessons learned by previous generations. During Holocaust Memorial Week, the annual program’s main focus is on the background, the course, the implications of the Holocaust. One day of each Holocaust Memorial Week is devoted to examine other episodes of genocidal campaigns or mass murder other than the Holocaust.

More information about OSU’s Holocaust Program here.

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