Family-Faith Film Review: Monte Carlo

Family-Faith Film Review: Monte Carlo

Critics Rating: 42%
Catholic News Rating:
A-II — adults and adolescents
MPAA Rating: PG-13 — PG for brief mild language
Plot Summary:A young woman, her uptight step sister and her best friend use their savings for a long anticipated dream trip to Paris, which turns out to be a big disappointment. When they decide to take a break from their lousy tour and duck into the lobby of a luxury hotel, one of them is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress. Before they get the chance to reveal their true identities they are wrapped up in misadventures during a vacation to Monte Carlo instead.

Reasons to Like: “In Monte Carlo, Grace learns that clothes don’t, in fact, make the girl. Nor do jewels or titles or money, for that matter. It’s the girl who makes the girl. And today, when so many young women seem pressured to be almost anyone but themselves, that’s a pretty important message.

— “Strong moral worldview with a pro-capitalist message of wealthy people and families supporting private charity and helping needy children”

Reasons to Dislike: “Surreptitious conceit to some barely-there bikinis to a smattering of mild innuendo. ”
(quotes from and Focus on the Family Plugged In Online)

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