Oregon father baptized by son

Gervais Priest Baptizes his own father
By Oregon Christian Post,

It was a dream come true for Ron Nelson, Sr. when his own son baptized him at Sacred Heart Parish, a recent Catholic Sentinel article reports.  Nelson, 57, a longtime truck mechanic didn’t attend church as his children were growing up but in 1998 he felt his faith starting to grow.  His son, Ron Nelson, Jr. entered a seminary in 1998 and was ordained as Father Ron Nelson, Jr. in 2007.

Just last year Ron Nelson, Jr. was named pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Gervais, where, coincidentally, another son, Robert, had become an active member.  It seemed to be a sign of faith and slowly Ron Nelson, Sr. became more interested in the Catholic faith.  His son, Ron, suggested a class of the Rite Christian Initiation of Adults, a convert program. After attending the classes and investigating his faith, he prayed about his decision to join the church.  Finally, he felt peace and decided to be baptized – by his own son.  At the baptism, Nelson, was baptized with his family, including Robert, as the godfather as witness to his relationship with Christ.

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