Local Rabbis upset over Messianic Jews evangelism efforts

Local Rabbis upset over Messianic Jews evangelism efforts 
Oregon Faith News Note:

The Orthodox Jewish community of southwest Portland is being warned by two local rabbis about Messianic Jews using deceptive tactics to proselytize members of their community. According to Rabbi Tzvi Fischer of the Portland Kollel and Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin of Congregation Kesser, Jewish Christians are posing as Orthodox Jews and then targeting homes and work places to spread the belief that Jesus is the Messiah.

While the rabbis acknowledge that Christians are significant supporters of Jews and Israel, they express dismay that Messianic Jews are becoming involved in Orthodox Jewish congregations under what they see as false pretenses and consider it abusing people’s trust. Among other things, the rabbis are hosting classes to help Orthodox Jews understand the important differences between Christianity and Orthodox Judaism.

The Jewish Review has the fulls story, read it here.

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