Petition to legalize marijuana in Bend gathers signatures

Petition to legalize marijuana in Bend gathers signatures
Oregon Faith News Note:

KTVZ reports, a former Bend city council candidate, Ron Boozell, is starting a city wide petition in Bend to legalize marijuana and possession in the city. The Measure prevents the City from using its resource to “to restrict or punish, in any manner, any person in Bend or resident of Bend, adult or child, for possession or transporting cannabis, also known as marijuana and hemp, in any form or quantity.”

Boozell is launching the effort this month to change the crime fighting resources from fighting marijuana to more serious crimes. Boozell sees the war on marijuana a detractor for the larger war on crime. Many Bend residents complain that this is a bad idea and such marijuana legalization could lead to other public safety or crime problems.

You can see the whole KTVZ report on the Bend marijuana petition here.

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