Portland to become 100 church experiment

Portland to become 100 church experiment
— Popular author asks: What if Portland church folk better reflected Jesus?
By Christian News Northwest

PORTLAND — The Rose City could become a test case, of sorts, for efforts to help church people become more reflective of Jesus. In what popular Christian speaker and author Bill Perkins of West Linn terms The Portland Experiment, he is hoping to involve 100 churches in the metro area in a program based on his new book, The Jesus Experiment. To that end, Perkins will host a pastor’s luncheon on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin.

“The promise of Jesus to give an abundant and fulfilling life is nothing short of astounding,” said Perkins. “Since it’s true, shouldn’t all believers be living rich and satisfying lives?

“The Jesus Experiment is an incredible opportunity for you and your church to discover in a personally satisfying way, whether Christ’s simple promise is true. More than a book, it’s an invitation for your people to become like Jesus in their feelings, thoughts, words and deeds.”

At the luncheon, pastors will receive a free early-release copy of the book, a catered meal, and an opportunity to learn how The Jesus Experiment could strengthen their church and help them impact their community for Christ.

Perkins said churches participating in the program each week will focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ life, including how He faced his fears, how He talked with God, how He overcame evil, how He helped the vulnerable and others.

“Your church will discover how Jesus felt, thought, spoke and acted in specific situations,” said Perkins. “During the week as they face a similar situation, they’ll examine their own feelings, thoughts, words and deeds and compare them to Christ’s. Next, they’ll ask God to conform them into the likeness of Jesus. As they do this they’ll discover, in a dy-namic way, that Jesus does indeed give abundant life.”

A nationally known Christian speaker, Perkins has authored or collaborated on 20 books, including Awaken the Leader Within, The Handbook to Leadership, When Good Men are Tempted, Six Battles Every Man Must Win, 6 Rules Every Man Must Break, and When Good Men Get Angry.

He is the founder and CEO of Million Mighty Men and served as a senior pastor for 24 years.

For more information about the luncheon, e-mail Vic Bartruff at [email protected] or phone him at 503-708-5054.

To learn more about The Jesus Experiment go to www.jesusexperiment.com

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