Rob Bell to leave Mars Hill for tour & big undisclosed project

Rob Bell to leave Mars Hill for tour & big undisclosed project

Pastor, author and video artist Rob Bell is making a big move by leaving his church, conducting a national tour and moving his family to Los Angeles area to start a new venture. Rob Bell is famous for helping found Mars Hill Church, launching the Nooma video series and more recently issuing a controversial book called “Love Wins” which came under fire by theologians for advocating the idea that souls lost in the afterlife could be restored into heaven.   Rob Bell says his decision to move is a long shot and is keepign many details under wraps until the rigth timing.

Bell spoke of his new speaking tour entitled “Fit to Break Ice” by saying “It’s several hours of entirely new content I haven’t given before, exploring all the exhilarating ways we stumble and fumble and fail and bleed and limp along and just how good and sacred and thrilling it all is. I’m hoping to break some new ground on this tour, going places we haven’t gone before. I hope people are inspired, moved, and challenged in all kinds of new ways throughout the evening, so that they leave Fit to Smash Ice.”

Harper one conducted this interview of Rob Bell.

Why is the tour named “Fit to Smash Ice”?

It’s a phrase used by a ship captain in 1895 and its significance is more fully explained as part of the tour event.

Your website promises additional cities will be added — U.S., Canada, other international destinations?
Yes, we’re considering the South, the west coast, possibly Australia and New Zealand, and of course Las Vegas!

Is there a new book in the works and what is the subject matter?
Yes, I’m writing the book now and it’s about quantum physics and the Eucharist.

Additionally, in mid-November, we will release The Love Wins Companion: A Study Guide for Those Who Want to Go Deeper, which I put together with editor David Vanderveen, the former managing editor of the Mars Hill Review and the founding publisher of Krakoosh Magazine. The guide will offer insights and commentary by experts: theologians, Bible scholars, scientists, and pastors and a deep analysis of all relevant Bible passages on heaven, hell, and salvation. It will include my reflection on the publication of Love Wins as well as discussion questions for individuals, groups, and classes.

You have plans to move to California — why the west coast — and do you think you’ll open a church there?

There are several ventures I’m working on in the Los Angeles area. And there are waves. And no, I won’t be opening a church there.

There’s a television project in the works. What can you tell us about that?

I can tell you that I’m having a blast creating something with a new friend. These kinds of projects are long shots to say the least so it’s best to keep them close to the vest until they actually materialize.

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