God is playing an amazing story with Sheen family

God is playing an amazing story with Sheen family
By Guest Opinion

For the Sheen family the year is ending on a stunning redemptive note both with Charlie Sheen’s headline turnaround and now with Martin Sheen’s film “The Way” which is among the most inspirational film in years. There is real life phenomenon going on with this film and the Sheen family. The film was written by Emilio Estevez (Charlie Sheen’s brother), features Martin Sheen (Emilio’s father, Charlie Sheen’s father) as the lead actor, the script was inspired by Emilio’s son and the film is dedicated to Emilio’s grandfather. The story is about a father who loses his son and embarks on an amazing redemptive pilgrimage. Needless to say, as this small film about redemption was being produced this year, it was caught up by the drama of the Charlie Sheen meltdown — both drawing attention to each other. Charlie Sheen’s appearance on Leno and his openness on his mistakes have been an unexpected and positive turn of events. Martin Sheen says Charlie has turned the corner.

More importantly than the headlines of Charlie, is that the Sheen family has produced a very special film in The Way. The Sheen family has not only created a beautiful story of redemption they have lived it out in their lives. Martina and Emilio are not shy about giving God the credit. Go see the film.

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