Actress creates website to inspire teen girls

Actress creates website to inspire teen girls
By Project Inspired,

With the goal of helping teenage girls achieve their maximum potential, has launched as a strong voice and positive influence. Created by successful model Nicole Weider, is a unique voice, providing wisdom, truth and honest answers to a generation of young women who are at a pivotal age in their development. Nicole has lived what was considered the “dream” in Hollywood. While her career was blossoming as a rising star and sought-after model, Nicole realized this success could not bring happiness or fulfillment.

“I created Project Inspired to show young girls what it means to be a person of value and confidence,” says Nicole. “I know that everything I saw, everything I went through in my career was for a bigger purpose. I hope that through sharing my story, I can inspire young girls to lead a more meaningful life.”

Nicole’s truthful, unbiased opinions and unprecedented access gives readers the feeling of having a big sister to confide in. Her experience as a Hollywood starlet gives her the unique perspective, platform and voice to help guide teens.

No subject is off limits to the Project Inspired readers. Many girls have approached the site, asking questions they may be ashamed or afraid to ask parents or other adults. Nicole has enlisted a unique and wise team of trusted women who are prepared to give Godly and Biblically sound answers to virtually any topic or issue. Project Inspired hopes to battle against the voices that are telling girls that they need to abuse their bodies, dress more provocatively, and behave immorally.

Topics on the site include: Culture Shock, The Christian Secret, Real Beauty, Relationships and My Passions.

The site has created the Anti-Cosmo Campaign, which will be a main focus on the site for 2012. Readers have a call to action to stand up against Cosmopolitan Magazine, requesting the magazine be sold in a plastic-wrapped bag due to its immoral and inappropriate content. Also, the Me Without Makeup campaign has inspired a grassroots dialogue about women’s dependence on make-up, and how society has a double standard on what is beautiful.

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