Oregon Scrooge award 2011

Oregon Scrooge award & Christmas Spirit Award 2011 nomination
By Guest Opinion,

Scrooge awards can sometimes be handed out to those who are overly mean or nit-picky during the holidays. For instance, in New York a man was hit with a $100 fine for the crime of putting his garbage cans out on the curb 30 minutes early. For that incident the local TV station suggested the NY Sanitation Department get a Scrooge Award. Other times, a Scrooge award can go to people who go out of their way to quash the holiday spirit. For Oregon, I nominate Sweet Tomatoes of Clackamas. Their table tent sign promoted Sweet Tomatoes as a place to host all “your December parties”.  December parties?  Is that not the worst reference to the holidays? Many people do not celebrate Christmas and they use words like “Holidays”, “Seasons” or even “Winter” to describe their parties. Yet, “December” Parties is about as lifeless and politically correct as you can get. Sounds like something Scrooge would do if he ran a restaurant.


In order not to be too Scroogey, I also nominate an Oregon Christmas Spirit Award to focus on the positive. The Christmas Spirit Award goes to the Knights of Columbus for their private effort to erect “Put Christ In Christmas” billboards across the state. The picture shown was seen at the entrance to Seaside.   People volunteering their time and money to keep the holiday spirit recognized deserve a good encouragement.  Thank you Knights of Columbus.

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