Pink Martini, Frosty & the role of the church

Pastor Lewis on the Place for Pink Martini at the Christmas Tree Lighting and Lessons & Carols at the Church
Nathan Lewis, Senior Pastor
Evergreen Presbyterian

This past week my family and friends took Max to Pioneer Courthouse Square to join thousands at the annual tree lighting. The Oregon Symphony brass played a New Orleans rendition of The Drummer Boy, a sassy Santa Baby and the Peanuts Christmas Music. The great grandchildren of the Von Trapp Family yodeled the Goat Herder’s Song and sang Edelweiss. Thomas Lauderdale and Pink Martini led the crowd in singing Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Feliz Navidad, I’ve Have a Little Dradle, and Old Lang Syne in Arabic.

There is a place for this kind of celebration and that place is Pioneer Courthouse Square.

There is also a place for Lessons & Carols [a presentation of nine Scripture readings followed by nine carols sung by the choir and the congregation put on by Evergreen]. and that place is the church. Frosty the Snowman should not appear on the platform of a Christian sanctuary. To sing Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer in a church building would not be a sin but it would be inappropriate. The church should proclaim the gospel, presenting the whole counsel of God, seeking to inspire through spirituality. Every community needs the public square, the theatre, the school, the church….The church should not attempt to be the theatre but rather it should focus on being the headquarters for the kingdom of God on earth, executing the mission of Jesus. Lessons & Carols is not particularly entertaining, but a rich presentation of Scripture and thoughtful music. Lessons & Carols is a perfect start to the Advent Season helping us to put our eyes of faith upon the coming Lord Jesus Christ.

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