Surprise on school parental consent forms

Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM interviews Lila Rose, an undercover student investigator. She discusses a 15 year old student in the Seattle area who got an abortion on school time without the parents’ knowledge .

Georgene: Lila Rose has visited many Planned Parenthoods and provided visual evidence that the practice of performing abortions without parental permission, and in many cases in violation of the law, happens with some regularity. What happened in this case?

Lila: In a visit to the health clinic on her high school campus during school hours, a 15 year old girl found out she was pregnant. They called her a taxi and sent her to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. The girl underwent an abortion.

There is a partnership that Planned Parenthood has with many schools across the country. Some are secret partnerships and they funnel girls there who are pregnant, often without the parents’ permission or knowledge.

Georgene: Do they allege the girl had extensive counseling once the pregnancy was discovered so the girl had the opportunity to consider the implications of her pregnancy and the abortion? Do they claim she was given the opportunity to include her parents?

Lila: We are not even getting claims to that degree from the people who facilitated the secret abortion. Those closest to her and most trusted by her were left out of this life-altering decision.

Georgene: I think it is important to mention that her mother had signed a consent form when she enrolled in the high school. Of course the expectation was that her daughter could go to the health clinic for an ear ache, a sports physical and other minor things. Terminating a pregnancy wasn’t something that she ever imagined that the consent form would have permitted them to do.

Lila: All over the country parents sign consent forms for their minor children at public school because they want their children to get the immediate medical care that they might need in case of emergency. That is why the parents need to look into the policies of their local school districts. Signing of the consent form shouldn’t give schools permission to authorize the full range of medical treatments, including abortion.

Georgene: My understanding is that she was given a “pass” by the school to leave and put in a taxicab. Do you know if she was accompanied by any of the adults from the school or the clinic?

Lila: That’s a great question. Reports have it she was called a taxi and put in the taxi by herself and told to take care of it. When she arrived she was told not to tell her parents so her parents wouldn’t have to pay for it. To a 15-year old girl $500 is a lot of money. She is already emotionally confused, already vulnerable, and they are threatening that her parents will have to pay money, making her feel further guilty. The manipulation of her is coming from every corner.

Georgene: The Seattle School District says they don’t run the health care clinic. The Swedish Medical Clinic runs the health care clinic at the Ballard School District in Seattle where this occurred. They say they protect the student’s privacy. No one wants to take responsibility for any of this.

Lila: Each party needs to take responsibility. The school district has placed these clinics in their schools. Parents need to ask why the health clinics on campus that are supposed to be there to protect and help these children are funneling these children to abortionists. The Planned Parenthood Clinic needs to be investigated for coercion of a minor—not giving her enough time to think through the decision, not giving her the opportunity to consult with people in her life that she trusts, and manipulating her with the offer of the free abortion.

Georgene: What if she has some medical complications? What if she has emotional challenges? The parents would have had no knowledge of what had occurred. In this public high school she is surrounded by adults who are authority figures. From the vantage point of a 15-year old girl, their advice should be believed and credible. Using the word coercion here, when we are talking about a minor, is absolutely appropriate.

Lila: Absolutely, and what we are seeing here is a pattern. Our organization, LiveAction, has investigated clinics across the country and have found that what Planned Parenthood tries to do again and again is take over the responsibilities and duties of parents.

Georgene: What else have you uncovered in your undercover investigations involving these young girls’ secret abortions?

Lila: We have documented many illicit activities that go on around these abortion clinics. We have found evidence that these clinics have covered up the sexual abuse of these girls. In many instances the partners of these girls are older men who are sex predators preying on young school girls. When the girl becomes pregnant she is ashamed, afraid, and embarrassed. The Planned Parenthood clinic is all too willing to cover up the sexual abuse. They do not report it, as they are required to do by law—to involve the parents and report it to Child Protective Services. The sexual abuse is another aspect to this secret abortion process that is incredibly dangerous to these young girls. website provides additional information for parents as well as actions they can take.

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