The ultimate green church: Salem's St. Vincent's de Paul

The Ultimate green chruch: Salem, St. Vincent’s
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Houses of worship have budgets too, and a church in Salem has been happy to save on its heating costs by installing solar panels.   According to the Salem Statesman Journal, St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church expects to save at least 25% over its previous cost of $10,000 per year. Steve and Marilyn Lippincott, members of the church, donated the entire system and even paid for installation. The system is expected to produce nearly 30,000 kW hours per year over its twenty-five year lifespan, and has already produced more than 1100 kW hours since it was first put into use on November 23 of last year.

The church has been encouraging parishioners to donate money with the goal of making the church more green. Its business manager told the Salem Statesman-Journal that “Energy-efficiency and renewable-energy improvements are right in line with the purpose of nonprofit organizations — to serve others.” The church has also begun recycling waste from its parish dinners.

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