Top Hollywood stars casted for audio Bible

Top Hollywood stars casted for audio Bible 
By Voice the Voice

You already know the familiar voices of Oscar winner Marisa Tomei playing “Mona Lisa Vito” in My Cousin Vinny, or of Jim Caviezel in “The Passion of the Christ” and the new CBS series thriller, “Person Of Interest.” But you can now hear them portraying the voices of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ! You can hear Jason Alexander as “George Costanza” of Seinfeld fame, in his outstanding portrayal of Mary’s husband, Joseph. And now, hundreds of celebrities have joined the cast of Voice The Voice, the long-anticipated, just-released audio Bible project. Lou Diamond Phillips, Stacy Keach, Richard Dreyfus, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Lou Gossett Jr., Luke Perry, Michael York, Rebecca St. James, Ernie Hudson and many more have all committed to this dramatic audio-theater reading, helping to create a cinematic audio representation of the Bible — clocking in at just over 20 hours.

“It is our hope that Voice The Voice will be both accessible and enjoyable, the answer to a busy lifestyle,” says Damon Davis, CEO of the Atlanta-based Legacy Worldwide Foundation. Davis, an up-and-coming evangelical force in media-based religiosity, points out that while people are taking their kids to soccer practice, or are stuck fighting a bumper-to-bumper battle on the interstate, or even when they are just lounging around the house, then they can also enjoy these famous, familiar voices depicting Bible stories and Scripture they most likely haven’t read in a long time. Says Davis, “Just because people are living in the ‘fast lane,’ — figuratively and literally speaking — they can still have time for the Bible! It’s our mission to provide innovative and user-friendly ways for people who may need Bible Scripture the most; those who are stressed to the max, and who struggle to meet life’s ever-increasing challenges.”

Voice The Voice includes the talents of over 600 actors contributing to both the Old and New Testaments, and it’s offered exclusively through television and Davis refers to his much-heralded production as a necessity for the ever-changing 21st Century technology. In fact, award-winning actor John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Shogun, Lord of the Rings), describes the massive audio project as “maybe the most significant act of evangelism in the 21st century. The Word has lost its way in the world, and I cannot stress how important this project is.”

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