Valentines: Say I Love You with an Emu?

Say “I Love You” with an Emu!
By India Partners

St. Valentine’s Day usually inspires images of hearts and winged cupids delivering sweets and treats to loved ones. However, this Valentine’s Day we’re talking about a different winged creature that will provide both nourishing food and income to pastors, children and widows living in extreme poverty in India – the emu!

Standing up to six feet tall, Emu birds are more intimidating than lovable upon first meeting them. However, they are gentle creatures that lay between 20 and 30 eggs per season, and are a growing commodity in both the food and agricultural industries in India.

India Partners and our partner, Living Sacrifice Ministries (LSM), took advantage of the new emu industry and built an emu farm in spring 2011 with the help of a generous grant from the Vista Hermosa Foundation. The farm is currently stocked with nearly 100 emus that will begin laying eggs in October 2012.

Why an emu farm you ask?

Well, with nearly 500 million people in India living on less than $1 a day, it takes creativity, partnership and much prayer to work towards alleviating poverty and equipping the poorest of the poor with sustainable skills. This emu farm is one such creative initiative!

Over the next three years, the emu farm will become self-sufficient through the sale of the emus’ meat, skin, bones, feathers and oil. The farm’s revenue will help to feed up to 60 impoverished children at LSM’s Little Lamps Children’s Home, as well as 12 village pastors, their families, and 24 widows.

So with the potential to provide food and income to hundreds of people over many years, why not invest in an emu? Are you still wondering what to get your honey this Valentine’s Day?

With $34,700 left to raise to complete the initial setup of the farm, why not bless poor children, pastors and widows this Feb.14th by donating to the emu farm in honor of your loved ones?

Your gift of $50 or more will help purchase the acre of land that was leased for the first year, provide an incubator with a generator for consistent electrical power to help ensure the hatching of the eggs, and continue to feed the birds as they mature.

Plus, how can you resist this face in your Valentine’s Day card?

This Feb. 14th, give the gift of an emu and self-sufficiency to those living in extreme poverty in India, and we will send a handmade Indian card to your loved one!

$50 or more will help complete the farm’s initial setup

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