Christian dating scam hits Bend resident

Oregon Faith News Note:

Bend Police issued an alert on online dating scams after a resident met someone on a Christian dating website and sent over $12,000 to a supposed romantic prospect. The prospect turned out to be a scammer. The scammer kept claiming to need financial help to visit the target and make car payments. Central Oregon residents have been subjected to a large number of phone and Internet scams over the last few weeks, including a popular one in which the scammer targets an elderly person. Claiming to be the target’s grandchild who has just been imprisoned in a foreign country and needs four thousand dollars in bail money right away transferred via Western Union, the scammer plays on the target’s emotions and often gets the money he wants. Another scam, this one online, plays on a target’s more romantic feelings.

The Bend police department has released a report warning residents about the dangers of these scams.
For more information and the Bend PD report’s full text, go here.

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