Oregon mayor apologizes for Sodom-Gomorrah Facebook comment

Oregon mayor apologizes for Sodom-Gomorrah Facebook comment
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Daniel Pokorney, mayor of La Grande, Ore., has apologized for two Facebook posts he made two weeks ago. One post compared Washington State to Sodom and Gomorrah for its decriminalization of homosexual “marriage,” while the other criticized New Jersey for the “abomination” of same-sex unions. Eastern Oregon University students asked the mayor to come and meet with them after he made the comments, and he apologized publicly before the group of about 150 students. He apologized for his “choice of words,” not for his opinions, emphasizing that he doesn’t hate anyone.

Yet some students weren’t satisfied, and thought that their mayor clearly did show hate in his comments. Some defended his right to make the comments, but many thought that as an elected official, he represents the entire city of La Grande and therefore ought to be more careful about what he says. Pokorney emphasized that he was not trying to make his city look bad, and that he was merely sharing his opinion.
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