10,000 Cubans Attend First Open Air Evangelical Rally

By Bright Hope,

Bright Hope’s church partners in Cuba held their first outdoor evangelistic meeting in recent history with 10,000 people reported in attendance. Crowds from the city of Santa Lucia located in the district of Rafael Freyre in the Holguín Province of Cuba overflowed the large public square. The sky turned black, clouds started to roll in and lightning hit the ground as the event was about to begin. Spectators opened their umbrellas to prepare for the storm, but believers started to raise their hands to the sky in worship. One Christian replied, “Our God isn’t going to let this storm happen; it’s been a long time we have waited for this revival.” His prayer was answered and the storm passed. The local pastor’s wife, Mariza Proenza, said, ‘The hand of God covered the city!”

Methodist Church leader, Bishop Ricardo Pereira, began his sermon by saying, “Today is a prophetic day in this nation. In the same place Christopher Columbus announced that this was the most beautiful land human eyes had seen, now we speak upon the same land — but this time, in the true freedom of Christ. What you have seen today is as if the heavens opened to declare that Jesus is the Son of God, with whom He is pleased.”

When the Bishop made the call to the crowd to receive Jesus as their Savior, a sea of hands were raised as they desired to give their hearts to the King.

“A revival is taking place in the country of Cuba. We are seeing spiritual fruit born from a dry, thirsty land. It is only the hand of God who can cause such a response. The prayers and contributions from Christians across the U.S. have made such events increasingly possible. More evangelistic meals and outdoor meetings are planned,” said C.H. Dyer, Bright Hope President/CEO.

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