Infertile Tualatin woman shares miracle pregnancy

by Shirley Dechaine
From the book “Our Stories, God’s Glory
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“What do you say we jump on the Harley and take a jaunt to our honeymoon spot in Michigan?” my husband asked.The idea sounded enticing. “Do you think we can get enough time off work?” I responded.

A few more days and with preparations made, we eagerly set out under an Arizona summer sun with blue, welcoming skies to ride 680 miles. The happy occasion of our first wedding anniversary overshadowed our heavy hearts. We yearned to have children, but the latest news from my doctors was grim.

“I’m sorry,” the doctors said. “You’ll never be able to bear children. In the unlikely event that you do become pregnant, your body will reject the fetus because a fertilized egg will not descend into the uterus. It will become a natural abortion.”

These thoughts lingered on my mind as I bounced along behind my husband hour after hour on sometimes pot-holed roads. We wanted to reach our destination before too late in the day, so we sped along as quickly as we could with little stopping. Only God knew what He was doing as we rode.

Chattering happily over the many intervening miles, we finally reached our honeymoon motel. A delightful week passed quickly and soon we were headed home.

Soon after we arrived back home, I began feeling ill. “Maybe I overdid it this time,” I thought. It had been many months since we had put the Harley out on the highway this long. A couple more weeks found me in my doctor’s office.

“It’s a miracle pregnancy, lady!” my doctor exclaimed. You just bounced a fertilized egg all the way down into the uterus. In eight more months, you’ll be delivering a healthy baby.”

Is there any question, God, but that was Your providential care?” What a confirmation of His love!

“Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, You who have done great things. Who, O God, is like You?” Psalm 71:19, 20

Shirley Dechaine
Tualatin, Oregon

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