Kansas Gov. signs bill to protect against foreign laws. Muslim groups protest.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Signs American Laws for American Courts Bill into Law
American Public Policy Alliance,

On Monday May 21, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law American Laws for American Courts legislation (SB79) to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of Kansans. The legislation was approved earlier this month by an overwhelmingly bipartisan 33-3 vote in the Kansas Senate following unanimous 120-0 passage in the Kansas House of Representatives.

The Kansas legislation, sponsored by Rep. Peggy Mast, is based closely on the American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) model legislation put forth by the American Public Policy Alliance (APPA).

“This bill should provide protection for Kansas citizens from the application of foreign laws,” Stephen Gele, attorney spokesman for APPA told the Associated Press. “The bill does not read, in any way, to be discriminatory against any religion. It is perfectly constitutional.”

The passage of American Laws for American Courts legislation in Kansas is the latest vindication of a long-term national trend supporting constitutional protections for ALL Americans — especially women and children who would be most adversely affected — against foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines which have found their way into our court systems.

As previously mentioned, ALAC passed with broad bipartisan support in Kansas, just as it did previously in Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona. In fact, versions of ALAC have been in force in Tennessee and Louisiana since 2010 and have never been challenged in court.

ALAC’s passage in Kansas comes despite well-funded efforts opposing the bill by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Council on American Islamic Relations, as well as a $3 million national pro-Shariah campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood-tied Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

CAIR in particular has spread disinformation on the Kansas law, declaring it is discriminatory against Muslims. But a reading of the actual bill as passed into law clearly shows that this is not the case. The Kansas American Laws for American Courts law is oriented toward protecting the fundamental constitutional rights of all Kansans, and will be especially useful in protecting the rights of Muslim-Americans who have come to America to escape the barbaric and totalitarian legal systems extant in nations such as Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt.

Previously, Center for Security Policy CEO Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. and ACT for America CEO Brigitte Gabriel collaborated on an article entitled “Ten Questions for the Council on American Islamic Relations,” challenging CAIR’s propaganda campaign aimed at American Laws for American Courts.

While some observers have mistakenly assumed that foreign legal systems based on Shariah never appear in US court cases, the Center for Security Policy conducted research refuting that claim, publishing a report highlighting 50 such cases in US state courts.

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