45% of students lose their faith as they start college

Brian Eno
Director of Next Generation Ministries
Oregon Ministry Network

[Excerpt]…Fuller Youth Institute suggests that around 45% of students from church youth ministries toss their faith aside when they get to college. FYI describes this kind of faith like a jacket, they say, “It’s easy to take on or off given the situation, as opposed to a faith that becomes integrated into every part of a student’s life.” FYI created an excellent short video and some free curriculum to help churches have this faith discussion with their students before graduation. Here are those two web-links:
Sticky Faith Curriculum, Stick Faith Video

It is good to talk about this topic before graduations each year, but we should be talking and preparing for ministry transitions all year long. Here are some suggestions to help you with next generation ministry transitions:

Have an intentional discussion about transitions with your Childrens, Youth, and College Pastors/Workers. Include your Lead Pastor in this discussion. Talk about the importance of a safe and secure transition for all those in transition. Create safe bridges to the next ministry location. Make sure that the directional signs are clear. Over-communicate with your kids, youth, young adults and their parents about the next transition. Incorporate a more holistic ministry philosophy. A philosophy of church body, rather than just individual ministries. Work together throughout the year as next generation pastors and workers to display church unity. Focus on discipleship. Help this generation own their faith personally. Incorporate all ages into the whole body of Christ. Pray that we don’t lose one soul from transition to transition.

Leaders, let us work hard to not lose one in the transition this time around.

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