Saving families from false murder charges

Kamala and family find hope after being wrongly accused of neighbor’s death

By India Partners
Oregon based international ministry

When was the last time you were blamed for something that you didn’t do? We can all think of examples in our own lives. But, what if you were wrongly accused for something as serious as murder?

In a country where you are innocent until proven guilty, you might have hope that the truth would be exposed. However in India, where the judicial system is extremely slow, there are nearly 250,000 people languishing in prison, awaiting trial every year. Those who are truly innocent may wait months or even years for a trial date. With jail cells designed for 50 people holding upwards of 180, diseases are rampant and some may even die in prison, waiting to state their case.

However, thanks to your help, those awaiting trial are able to benefit from legal aid, adult literacy classes, value education, computer skills training, medical camps, counseling and nutrition components from India Partners’ indigenous agency, Sahaara Charitable Society, who is serving on the ground in four of the darkest prisons in India.

Kamala and her family were the beneficiaries of Sahaara’s services in prison after finding themselves wrapped up in the Indian legal system over something as meager as a neighborly miscommunication.

Kamala, her mother and three brothers had a difference of opinion with their neighbor. Shortly after their discussion, their neighbor passed away due to a heart attack. The neighbor’s family blamed Kamala and her family members, saying that the death was their fault. The family members of the neighbor took the matter to court, and Kamala, her mother and three brothers were arrested and put into prison.

While in prison, Kamala met Sahaara’s staff who continued to visit, counsel and pray for her family. With the help of legal aid provided by Sahaara, Kamala and her mother were released from prison. Through continuous efforts, one of her brothers was also released, however, two remain in prison today.

After being released, Kamala and her mother started regularly attending a church with Sahaara staff. Thankfully, Kamala resumed working as a sales person in the same place she worked before going to prison. Kamala and her mother continue to pray and persevere alongside Sahaara’s staff to provide legal aid to the other brothers who are still awaiting release from prison.

Would you please pray that Kamala’s brothers would be released soon?

And, would you consider donating $13.50 to provide one month of legal aid, spiritual encouragement and health services to one prisoner, like Kamala’s brothers who are in prison in India?

Together, may we be the hands and feet of Jesus, fulfilling his words when he said, “I was in prison, and you came to me” (Matthew 25:36).

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