France to ban words Father & Mother for same-sex rights reforms

France to ban words Father & Mother for same-sex rights reforms 
Faith News Note,

Under a new law being considered in France, the words “mother” and “father” would be removed from official state documents. The effort is being motivated out of a plan to legalize gay marriage and expand adoption rights to same sex couples. The words “mother” and “father” would be switched to the word “parents”.   It goes up for approval at the end of October.

Here are some quotes from European voices involved.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira

“Who is to say that a heterosexual couple will bring a child up better than a homosexual couple, that they will guarantee the best conditions for the child’s development?  What is certain is that the interest of the child is a major preoccupation for the government”

French bishop Dominique

‘A referendum must be held to allow a real debate and to make sure the government is not in the grip of the lobbies.A majority of the population agrees with the traditional view of marriage.’

Pope Benedict XVI

“We have there a true challenge to take on.The family that is the foundation of social life is threatened in many places, following a concept of human nature that has proven defective.”

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