Catholic radio ads blast ‘Asylum’ show

By Catholic League for Religious and civil rights

Bill Donohue explains how the Catholic League is responding to the bigotry and censorship of Hollywood elites:

On October 17, FX will air the first episode of the series, “American Horror Story: Asylum.” It depicts an evil Catholic home for the criminally insane where a promiscuous nun—in habit, of course—beats inmates; a Catholic doctor tortures them.

When I submitted a full-page ad [click here] to be run that is critical of the show, I was turned down by The Hollywood Reporter’s publisher, Lynne Segall: she said the ad “was not appropriate.” She did not say the show “was not appropriate.” I then submitted the ad to Variety where it met the same fate, this time because of the alleged “mudslinging” title, “FX Trashes Nuns.” No one at Variety said the show was guilty of “mudslinging.”

Today, two Los Angeles radio stations are carrying several 30-second taped statements by me condemning Hollywood’s latest assault on Catholicism: KFI is one of the biggest stations in California, and KTLK has a loyal liberal audience. To read the statement, click here.

The two radio stations stand in stark relief to the bigots at FX and the censors at The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

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