Video debate over celebrating Halloween

Liquid Church hosts a forum on celebrating Halloween.

Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of the non-denominational Christian church, Liquid Church in NJ, addressed the question many Christians are asking this fall about Halloween. In 2012, sales of Halloween-related goods nationwide are expected to exceed all previous years, with retail sales of ghoulish costumes, decorations and candy expected to top $8 Billion (up from $7 Billion last year according to National Retail Federation). On his web show,, Lucas explains what the Bible has to say about the subject and whether or not a Christian family can participate in the secular holiday that tends to celebrate ghosts, gore and the ghastly. The web show video episode was sent to the entire congregation which has weekly attendance of nearly 2,500 people as well as bring distributed across the Internet on YouTube and the web show’s video site.

“Many of our people are asking if letting their kids get into Halloween is betraying Biblical values or if there is redemptive value in participating in this secular holiday. So addressing the question head-on aims to help be thoughtful about our faith and friendships in the community,” said Lucas.

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