Clackamas Shooting: Faith voices, Full Page Ad

fxll-pxgx-xdOregon Faith News Note:

This weekend the Clackamas Mall property CEO issued a rare full page ad reaching out to the NW with condolence and sympathy to those impacted by the shooting last week (see photo).

“…We stand beside you in grief and healing following the tragic events of last week.  As we got though the healing process together, we will always remember Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth, as well as Kristina Shevchenko. …The outpouring of support for one another, within your community and from across the nation reminds us of how precious we are to each other.  Clackamas Town Center and GCP have made a donation to the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation’s Clackamas Town Center Victim Fund.”

New Hope pastor, Brent Deffenbacher, Clackamas

“Choose to walk by faith, not by fear. The events of the past week are not a political issue, they’re a faith issue.”  (Oregonian)

Fred Douglas, Portland Youth for Christ

“As I look at the word of God, I see that He reminds us to pray, pray and pray without ceasing. Too often we wait until there’s a tragedy to pray. As God’s people He employs us to pray for our nation, our people our leaders and more. Today I am asking you to begin praying and do not stop. Make a commitment to pray daily for our world in which we live.As you pray let’s pray for those affected by the killing here at the Clackamas Town Center, for the those affected by the shooting in Connecticut and for our country. We are living in a time when evil is rampant.” (Youth for Christ)

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