Gay groups target Salvation Army with holiday boycott

By Catholic League for Religious and Civil rights

Bill Donohue released the following remarks today:

The Salvation Army is under increasing attack from homosexual activists this Christmas season. The Christian organization is under fire for merely holding Christian beliefs on marriage and the family—it does not discriminate against anyone—and now the war has extended to a formal resolution by the Associated Students of the University of California at Berkeley calling for a ban of Salvation Army donation boxes on campus; university officials are considering the request.

An organized effort to boycott the Salvation Army is also under way. A gay website,, is asking its readers nationwide not to give to the charitable organization. Gays in Chicago have launched their own campaign to withhold donations. The net result is that more of the needy will go without this Christmas season, thanks to the efforts of these homosexuals.

Not only does the Salvation Army not discriminate in hiring, and in whom they serve, it does not lobby for any cause. Indeed, its only agenda is serving the dispossessed. Yet to those driven by a lust for power in the homosexual community, it makes sense to sacrifice the poor for the purpose of advancing their agenda.

It is too kind to say this is another example of political correctness: It is nothing less than an attempt to punish thought. This, of course, is one of the ugliest traits of the totalitarian mindset. That its intellectual home is the University of California, Berkeley, should surprise no one.

Please give to the Salvation Army this Christmas. Let them know we support their charitable goals, as well as their courage in standing up to bullies.

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