“Under God” in Pledge tweaked by Oregon lawmaker

cap-small“Under God” in Pledge tweaked by Oregon lawmaker and other faith moments of the 2013 Legislature opening.

There were some inspirational and unusual faith moments during the opening of the 2013 Oregon Legislative Assembly this week. Governor Kitzhaber started his State of the State Speech  on a somber note with a moment of silence for the gun victims of Clackamas Town Center and Sandy Hook.   Kitzhaber said “…a prayer that, together, we can lift this stain from our land”.

The newly elected House Speaker, Tina Kotek, included in her opening speech reference to a Catholic anti-poverty activist.  The Speaker said at the ending of her Speech, Dorothy Day, the strong-willed Catholic social justice activist from the last century, said her experiences taught her to “disregard people’s talk, and judge only their actions” When we adjourn the 77th Legislature, you will have an opportunity to judge the fruits of our labor.”

The most attention getting moment was when State Representative Carolyn Tomei led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance and changed the word “One Nation Under God” to “One Nation Under Love”.   This immediately got the attention of bloggers. Representative Tomei told The Oregonian “That’s what I typically say. It’s just comfortable to me.”

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