10 traditions Pope Francis broke already

pope-frances-crowdFrom holding mass in a prison to a new name, Pope Francis is on tradition breaking streak.
By Faith News Note,

Pope Francis has only been selected as new Pope for a handful of days and already Pope Francis has broke from papal tradition and charter a new path.

1. He is the first Pope in over 1,000 years to not take a previous pontiff name (since Pope Lando‘s 913–914 reign).
2. Pope Francis began his announcement not with a traditional long speech but with a moment of silence and a request for Vatican crowd to pray for him.
3. Pope Francis will be hosting Mass during Holy Week at a youth prison
4. Pope Francis has been purposely wearing more modest attire by wearing white priestly cassock over the cardinal and papal robes usual worn.
5. Francis has been stepping beyond security lines to meet directly with and pray with the crowds around him.  See picture above of Pope Francis after stepping down from his vehicle and praying for a man in a wheelchair.
6. On his journey moving from the Vatican Hotel he insisted on carrying his own luggage, traveled not in the usual car but in a bus along with the other bishops.  He paid for his rent to the hotel clerk out of his own pocket.
7. During Francis’ first address to his bishops he sat alongside them on their level as opposed to an elevated chair used by other popes and an unusually short 10 minute message compared to a three page discourse from his predecessor.   Francis is also being set apart for his ability to speak off the cuff.
8. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit elected Pope.
9. Pope Francis is the first Pope to be elected from the Western Hemisphere.
10. Pope Francis has worn the same iron pectoral cross he wore when he served as Cardinal Archbishop instead of the gold one traditionally worn.

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