Parents question “Youth Advisory Councils”

Parents-rights-in-educationDoes your child’s school have a “Youth Advisory Council”?

Taking into account the content in the previous blog, parents and guardians need to be aware of the development of “Youth Advisory Councils” (YAC) in schools all across Oregon.  Youth are being used within the schools to influence and “empower” their peers.

The Oregon School-Based Health Care Network (OSBHC) is working to advance access to quality health care for youth.  This sounds nice.  Why should parents be concerned and on the alert to the recruitment of youth to these councils?  Don’t we all want our kids to be healthy and successful at school?

It is important that parents and guardians not be mislead here.  If you have spent some time looking at this website you will have discovered some of the messages and resources that your children are being encouraged to accept. Have you noticed that your rights as parents are often disregarded or usurped?  Youth Advisory Councils plan school activities, develop marketing and outreach program to their peers, advocate for their local SBHC, promote SBHC Awareness Month, develop projects, create newsletters, utilize social media outlets, etc.

Here are some examples of resources/messages that the Youth Advisory Council’s are sharing with their peers.


Take Care Down There

Amplify Your Voice

Go Ask Alice, Scarleteen,

The New 3R’s

Advocates for Youth

The Rational Enquirer

Oregon SBHC Network

Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan

Youth are encouraged to attend the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference.  Agenda includes items such as:

  • From Hesitancy to Truth: Empowering Adolescents to Discuss Sexual Health and Intimacy through School-Based Life Coaching
  • The Impact of Health Reform and Medicaid Expansion for Youth
  • Are There Strings Attached?: Recognizing Gender and Media Stereotypes in Friends with Benefits Relationships
  • International Laws and Treaties of Human Rights and Sexuality
  • Creating Your Firm Foundation; An Early Intervention Approach with Gender Non-Conforming Children

The youth in these YAC’s may not be aware of all the above items.  However, the Oregon School-Based Health Care Network (OSBHC) is.  It is critical that you and your minor children know the constitutional and legal rights that you have once your child steps into an Oregon public school.  See previous post which explains some of your legal rights.

*Your school should not be using youth to promote material, resources, links, messages, and events about sex without your knowledge!

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