Students feel religious freedom under attack

Oregon Family Council

Several Christian campus groups (E.g. Michigan, Vanderbilt) have come under fire from their universities and are no longer recognized as campus clubs for requiring that their club leaders be Christian. Schools believe this club policy violates the schools non-discrimination policies.

Recently on a Florida campus students have been banned from hosting a bible study in their dorm. The school is stating that no group is allowed to gather in the the common space but the students from the former InterVarsity Christian Fellowship believe this is the school telling them Christians are not welcome.

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has already been de-recognized as an official campus club at Rollins College for keeping a policy that leaders of the organization must be followers of Christ. The school banned the club from official capacity due to their non-discrimination policies.

One student involved was quoted as saying, “Christian students certainly feel marginalized and unwelcome, whether it’s intended or not – that’s the message the students have received.” Students at the university say at least one other Christian club has been de-recognized and the Catholic club on campus believes they are next.

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