Breast cancer: Wife chooses faith over fears

Defeating the Fears of Chronic Illness
Breast Cancer: A Wife’s Inspirational Journey

by Yinka Vidal,
Lara Publications Inc.,

This is a shocking story of Lisa Anderson, the wife of a wealthy man in Chicago suburb in her battle with breast cancer. It is a rare look into the journey of a wife, her closest friend, and her husband when she is afflicted. Lisa learns that her greatest battle is not the cancer, but the FEARS that invade her soul. Instead of surrendering to her fears, Lisa learns how to confront and fight them. She becomes triumphant setting her soul free. In the end, she lives a very enjoyable life even when facing the odds of her illness. Instead of the progressive morbidity of human soul from the emotional burden associated with fears while waiting for death, she finds the true source of solace in God. In her battle, Lisa discovers the true essence of life, and the joy of living, even when facing the obvious.

Lisa Anderson’s story is that of great inspiration, courage and hope of an enjoyable life in spite of obvious challenges. It helps those dealing with chronic, or terminal illness, or for those caregivers facing daily frustrations of caring for their loved ones. She discovers her greatest joy in life, even in the midst of her afflictions, along the dark alleys of the unknown. She finds the greatest source of peace and joy. The gift Lisa gives to her husband will blow the mind of any wife and challenges the value of true love.

This book tackles the challenging question that people are scared to address when facing a grim diagnosis from the doctor. What should we do when facing eminent death from a progressive chronic illness? Discussing about winning the battle over a disease is very exhilarating. What happens if instead of a cure, a person is facing eminent death? Should a person start wasting away and counting the days when death comes while the human soul decays from within? As Christians, it is not about what happens to us, but about the way we choose to respond to the challenges in faith.

The greatest lesson about the book is uncovering the keys to dying with joy and ascending to Heaven in great and glorious jubilation!

Finding Peace in the Storms: – A wife’s Journey with Breast Cancer by Yinka Vidal, 245 pages, $8.99 Ebook, ISNB #978-0964-081857.

Currently available online as an Ebook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble Books.

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