Iron Man 3, Star Trek unkind to women

rnmnstrtrkwmnBy Beaver State Believer
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 The latest Hollywood blockbusters Iron Man 3 & Star Trek Into Darkness, may be a grand spectacle on the silver screen but when it comes to roles for women – it is a dud.   It is no conspiracy that both films just happens to feature a leading male actor in bed with two ditzy girls — it just happens to be the low unoriginal standards Hollywood scriptwriters have for women roles. More ditsy girls are on display in Iron Man 3 during a beauty pageant.   

Iron man 3 has two main female actresses and both have scenes where they are not wearing much which seems to be a requirement for leading role women in any script.   That really leaves only one other role for an actress in the Iron Man flick where she gets to keep her clothes on (for the most part) yet her speaking role onscreen is almost nonexistent.  In Star Trek Into Darkness, you have a female scientist on the starship which would be good grades for the film if it were not for the fact that she  removes her clothes for a scene.    Interestingly, a Google Image search for “Star Trek: Into Darkness” images reveals that very undressed scene as among the top 10 search results.   It appears for moviegoers that she is best known not for what she has but what she doesn’t have.

This is not new for Hollywood.  Consider X-Men First Class where, once again, most of the roles of the women actresses involve losing their clothes or are having roles such as a stripper.  As adults we can handle the stereotypes, but ultimately these movies are marketed to kids.   Those buying most of the Iron man masks are not older teenagers or seniors, but rather those under teens.  If Hollywood could just budge a  little and make it so that most actresses in a film have “normal” clothed non-sexual, non-stripper roles, would be a huge improvement.

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