Senate passes bill against phony charities

cap-smallSenate Majority Office,

Bill gives donors more protection against phony charitable groups HB 2060A sets up a reasonable expectation that charities must deliver services to receive tax benefits

The Senate voted to give generous Orego nians more protections against phony charities. House Bill 2060A, which passed on a vote of 29 -0 with one excused, allows the Attorney General to disqualify a charitable organization from certain tax benefits if the organization does not spend at least 30 percent of its annual expenses on program services. “ Charities that abuse the trust of benevolent Oregonians shouldn’t be subsidized by taxpayer money,” said Senator Floyd Prozanski (D -Eugene). “We are fortunate in Oregon to have many charities that truly serve people in need. But we need to ensure that the people of Oregon don’t get fooled by the few bad actors who mislead their donors.”

Organizations that the Attorney General disqualifies under HB 2060A must disclose to donors that they do not meet the minimum standards for a charitable group. Disqualified organizations would also no longer be eligible to receive tax deductible donations or claim a property tax exemption. “This bill provides donors with a way to ensure charities make good on their intention to help people in need,” said Senate Majority Le ader Diane Rosenbaum (D -Portland). “We’re working hard this session to make sure tax credits and deductio ns serve their intended purpose so that we can fund vital services. ” House Bill 2060A will now go to Governor John A. Kitzhaber for his signature. # ## For more information on the Senate Majority Caucus, please visit www.

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