Emmy Awards praise Anti-Catholic show

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights


Bill Donohue comments on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ announcement of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations:

Few TV programs in recent years have been as thoroughly anti-Catholic as FX Channel’s “American Horror Story: Asylum.” This show, which leads the pack with 17 Emmy nominations, depicted a Catholic home for the criminally insane run by sadistic and libidinous nuns. The plot is sinister. Characters include a nymphomaniac, a lesbian, a degenerate bully, a serial killer, and a doctor who enjoys torturing patients. What a bunch!

When the Catholic League tried to put an ad critical of the series in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, the ad was rejected outright. [To see the ad, click here.] This should have come as no surprise. Hollywood’s hatred of Catholicism is almost pathological. Indeed, it extends even to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

What other group receives such treatment? Once again, TV has sunk lower than we ever thought possible. Talk about crazy!

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