Local author promotes “National Apology Time”

Paul Coughlinpaul-caughlin
Founder and President The Protectors
Oregon author & speaker

October is National Bullying Prevention month, and The Protectors is proud to participate by launching National Apology Time in hopes to create healing and change this month.

National Apology Time: A time where students and adults can make amends for current or past bullying, setting both Target and Bully free from guilt, pain and shame.

Our desire and hope is that this month can become a great time of healing and reconciliation for individuals and organizations. To participate as an organization, public and private schools can encourage their students to:

1. Share your apology on social media outlets using the hashtag #apologymonth
2. Send your apology anonymously to [email protected]
3. Help by spreading the word throughout your organization with posters, apology boxes placed in classrooms, student-made apology collages on display, etc.

Should you feel led to participate by spreading the word, contact our Director of Social Media, Jessica Zigenis, and she’ll be happy to send you a poster to share with your friends and local organizations. You can also share the poster via our Facebook page, where we will be sharing updates on National Apology Time as the month goes on.

Join us in supporting Bullying Prevention Month by making a lasting impact in the theater of bullying – help us spread apologies. Click here to learn more about National Apology Time.


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