Oregon pot petition: Best, strongest in nation

Oregon pot petition: Best, strongest in nationmarijuana-sign
Oregon Faith News Note:

Last Friday, a marijuana advocacy group filed paperwork for a ballot initiative petition to legalize marijuana in the state. The measure would legalize marijuana possession for adults up to 8 ounces of dried pot and including up to four plants. If the measure gathers enough signatures it would qualify for the 2014 ballot. There is also a push to get the February 2014 Legislature to refer the measure to the ballot and save the petition gathering steps.   One marijuana media group is stating that Oregon has one of the best measures and support behind it.


Luckily for Oregonians and marijuana supporters nationwide, Oregon has a better initiative AND national donors gearing up for the 2014 Election. Yesterday my friends at New Approach Oregon officially filed a marijuana legalization initiative aimed at the 2014 Election. I’m telling you right now – this is the strongest campaign to legalize marijuana currently operating in the country, and has the best chance of passing. Before people outside of Oregon try to bash on Oregon’s 2014 efforts…People like the Drug Policy Alliance and Peter Lewis don’t just throw their money anywhere and everywhere. They have been working with New Approach Oregon behind the scenes for a while now and recognize that there is a strong campaign team in place and that victory will be ours. The Drug Policy Alliance helped us greatly during the 2012 Oregon Attorney General race, which we won despite most other national organizations refusing to help us out in a meaningful way. Just as the Drug Policy Alliance helped us win that vital race, so will they help us legalize in 2014.



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