Why anti-bullying efforts are not working

Paul Coughlin, Founder and President The Protectors
Oregon author & speaker

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and in light of the recent suicide of a 12-year old-girl in Florida on September 9th, October is the perfect time to address the #1 form of child abuse in the nation, and the leading cause of concern among parents and students.

In addition to launching National Apology Time (follow our Facebook page to read about the life-changing apologies coming in), I am also sharing a more in-depth look at what NOT to do during Bullying Prevention Month in the following article for Fox News (click to read):


“…Numerous schools this month will foster flash mobs, dramas, dance routines, and cafeteria-centered videos, among other anemic efforts that sparkle with a look-at-me energy but lack the power to reduce bullying. That’s because according to the Department of Health & Human Services 10-year landmark study, these well-meaning efforts won’t foster what’s truly needed to put bullies on their heels: courageous bystander intervention…” (click here to read entire article)

Bystanders possess the most potential power to diminish bullying through the deployment of assertive but non-violent peer pressure. Join me in spreading this truth during Bullying Prevention Month and the months to come.

Paul Coughlin
Founder and President
The Protectors

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