Billy Graham final message a hi-tech emotional punch

billyBilly Graham final message a hi-tech emotional punch
Faith News Note,

Without a doubt, Billy Graham, is a man ahead of his time as witnessed by his lifetime of breaking barriers, and so it is compelling to watch his final outreach video debuted on his 95th birthday. The video is an impressive cinema quality production that weaves a real-life story of a suicidal girl and a violent street man along with words from Billy Graham himself who struggles (as only old age can do) to share his message from his home. The result of the video is one of amazing clarity and emotional gravity driven by the depth of the testimonies given and the words of the man who has ranked more often on America’s most admired list longer than any other man. The video fits perfect in the video-age, not just because it is a video but because it is the result of genuine creativity (part music video, part docudrama) and its authoritative messages.

It will be airing on hundred of television stations. The video is not available for rebroadcasting, so to see it you must follow the link.

Check the link below.

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